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We are an organization where Student athletes are encouraged to discover their purpose and create meaningful relationships. Relationships are important to us; therefore we create environments that are inspiring and authentic.




Get Connected

WTBA believes in staying in contact with Athletes and their progress.

What To Expect

Athletes can expect full support of West Texas Basketball Association (WTBA) Hoops. Currently we have the following geographic locations.

  1. WTBA Hoops Dallas Edition
  2. WTBA Hoops West Texas Edition

Each location provides the following experiences for your athlete:

  Skill training
  Math program
  R.E.A.D. Program
  Talent showcases
  AAU travelling basketball teams
  WTBA Grassroots League

 We strive to connect talent to colleges and coaches by providing the environment and venue for maximum exposure. In addition our commitment to education is top priority. We provide on court tutoring for math and reading skills to ensure every athlete has the foundation to succeed at the next level.