Who We Are

West Texas Basketball Association strives to help transform athletes into courageous young men and women that will share, embrace and overcome the challeges of life.  We are committed to building athletes one person, one family and one community at a time so that our efforts will impact them as they progress to the next stage of their development.

What We Do


  Grassroots League

Grassroots League is a Basketball circuit designed to give student athletes a platform and opportunity to consistently participate in a competitive environment. The goal is the improving of athlete's basketball skills.

  WTBA Exposure

This venue allow athletes the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of college coaches. If they are interested in obtaining a basketball scholarship for college, this is an awesome opportunity.


WTBA Hoops Basketball Team travels throughout the United States participating in competitive basketball tournaments. This give our athletes maximum exposure.


  Reaching Every Athlete Daily (R.E.A.D.)

WTBA Hoops reaches out to our young men and women daily through our R.E.A.D. program. We insist our ahletes read daily and assist twice a week with our Reading Out Loud Program on Tuesday and Thursdays. Our athletes are required to read ten (10) books per year, two a month, with comprehensive testing with each book.

  Math on the Court Tutorials

WTBA Hoops offers fundamental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division while training on the court. Our aim is to increase  athlete's fundamental math skills through practice and repitition. This is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Skill Training

WTBA Hoops provides fundamental skills training to young men and women in six week sessions in the Fall/ Winter. We utilize certified basketball skill trainers for all our activities.